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Shanti and the Magic Mandala


​Shanti and the Magic Mandala is an adventure in which fantasy and reality are mingled. The book tells the story of six teenagers, from different religious and cultural origins and different parts of the world, who are mystically recruited to form two groups - one in the Northern Hemisphere, and one in the Southern. They eventually gather in Peru, and through a single alliance, begin a frantic chase for the sacred object that can stop the black magician's final plan... 



2015 Nautilus Book Awards | Silver Award-Winner | Young Adult

2014 London Book Festival  | Winner  | Young Adult

2015 New York Book Festival  | Winner  | Young Adult

2015 Paris Book Festival  | Winner  | Young Adult

2015 International Book Awards  | Winner  | Fiction - Young Adult

2016 Florida Book Festival  | Winner  | Fiction - Young Adult

2016 Green Book Festival  | Winner  | Fiction - Young Adult

2016 "5th Beverly Hills Book Awards" | Winner | Young Adult Fiction

2016 "5th Beverly Hills Book Awards" | Finalist | Fantasy

2016 Bookvana Book  Awards  | Winner  | Fiction - Young Adult

2016 Mom's Choice Awards | Silver Award-Winner  | Young Adult

2015 Los Angeles Book Festival | Runner-up | Young Adult

2015 Living Now Book Awards | Bronze Medal | Adventure Fiction

2015 San Francisco Book Festival | Runner-up | Young Adult

2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards | Bronze | Young Adult 

2014 New England Book Festival  | Honorable Mention | Young Adult

2015 DIY  Book Festival | Honorable Mention | Young Adult 

Rio, Maravilha! (Wonderful, Rio!)

A hype visual travel guide about Rio de Janeiro with lots of information, fun and nice to read. It's like a local friend who gives great tips to visit the city and surroundings.


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